Our story started wandering in a market in Paris, France. Then two people appeared to me who make custom made jewelry and bracelets. What struck me was the speed at which they did this. I too was interested in bracelets, especially I spent a lot, and I also decided to get a bracelet in my name. Then I started talking with them.

I shared with them the extent of my interest in bracelets and it was good that I found them two open mind people and want to develop for the better after a relationship with us, one day we discussed the topic of establishing a small business so that people get to know more about our passion for these bracelets and in fact, we created that were among the beautiful things that happened to us after our work Seriously, we became one of the leaders in this market.

And we wished that we always made bracelets for awareness, and of course, we allocated a percentage to donate them to associations also support a group of awareness days for a group of diseases and other movements We always sought to provide free bracelets for them, and here we are today making our way after we were a team of three people, we became today 12 people Most of the fences displayed on our site have a specific price that is suitable for all ages and genders to make everyone around us and why not in the whole world to share beautiful moments and also reduce the cost of production by reusing waste in the manufacture of some of them to preserve the environment.

Thank you. You may not be one of our customers, but everyone who visited us is a customer and we appreciate that.