The Braceley & Co. Foundation is dedicated to safeguarding the planet's most cherished seascapes and landscapes.

Braceley & Co. where our passion for jewelry is matched only by our commitment to supporting small businesses and communities around the world. Over the past six years, we have been on a mission to empower small jewelry businesses, particularly those in rural areas, by providing them with the resources and support they need to thrive.

Since our inception, we have worked tirelessly to uplift small jewelry businesses, recognizing the unique craftsmanship and artistry they bring to the world. Through our various initiatives and partnerships, we have helped these businesses grow and succeed, enabling them to create beautiful handmade jewelry that showcases their talent and heritage.

One of our key endeavors has been raising funds for foundations dedicated to supporting small jewelry businesses in rural areas. These foundations provide essential resources such as training, equipment, and access to markets, empowering artisans to turn their craft into sustainable livelihoods. By investing in these communities, we not only preserve traditional craftsmanship but also contribute to economic development and cultural preservation.

At Braceley & Co., we believe that every piece of jewelry tells a story, and we are proud to support the artisans behind each creation. Whether it's through providing financial assistance, facilitating access to markets, or fostering skills development, we are committed to nurturing the growth of small jewelry businesses worldwide.

Join us in celebrating the beauty of handmade jewelry and the communities that create it. Together, we can make a meaningful difference in the lives of artisans and ensure that their craft continues to shine for generations to come.

If you're a small jewelry business owner looking to join our program and benefit from our support, we encourage you to take the first step by reaching out to us. Simply send pictures of your business and your creations to We're always eager to discover new talent and extend our assistance to passionate artisans around the globe. Together, let's create a brighter future for the world of handmade jewelry.