Your jewelry is meant for wearing. Your beautiful necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings are of no use if you can't show them off to the world. While wearing your best pieces can help you feel your best, it also puts them at risk.

Even though jewelry is made to be worn, repeatedly wearing it can cause it to break, fall off or wear down. The more we love and wear our jewelry, the more it deteriorates.

Luckily, you can slow down this process with just a few simple steps and precautions:

  1. Clean hands: Wash your hands before you put on or take off your jewelry. Oils on your fingers can tarnish these delicate items.
  2. Avoid these: Love smell-good stuff? So do we! But it’s best to avoid lotions and perfumes when wearing your jewelry.
  3. Safe storage: When you aren’t wearing your jewelry pieces (which, let’s be honest, isn’t often), store them separately in small jewelry pouches.
  4. Pretty & Polished: Keep your pieces pretty by gently polishing them with a soft, dry cloth whenever they’re looking a little dull.
  5. Heck no H20: Sorry, no swimming or exercising when wearing plated jewelry! Water is just fine for your originals, but too much H2O can cause damage to your metal pieces.
  6. Keep clear of metals: Want to stack your rings and bracelets? Just be careful that your plated pieces don’t rub against each other too often. (And while you’re at it, watch out for keys in your pocket or purse—they can wear away the metal if they come into contact with your jewelry.)