Brightening Serum

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Introducing the Brightening Serum from Bathine, a premium skincare solution meticulously crafted for daily use. This luxurious moisturizing oil formulation is specifically designed for women who desire to calm, hydrate, and brighten their skin, offering a comprehensive approach to skincare.

Each unit contains a generous 100ml of potent essence, enriched with the renowned Centella Asiatica extract. Celebrated for its extraordinary soothing and healing properties, making it an ideal ingredient for those with sensitive or irritated skin. It works to reduce redness, inflammation, and promotes overall skin health, leaving you with a calm and balanced complexion.

The Brightening Serum from Bathine is designed to deeply moisturize the skin, combating dryness and flakiness while imparting a natural glow. The oil formulation is lightweight and non-greasy, ensuring quick absorption without leaving any residue. This makes it perfect for use under makeup or as part of your nightly skincare routine.

What sets this serum apart is its ability to not only hydrate but also improve skin texture and tone. Regular use of this serum can help in diminishing dark spots, evening out skin tone, and enhancing the skin's natural radiance. It is an all-in-one solution that addresses multiple skin concerns, making it an indispensable addition to your skincare regimen.

Exquisite product specifications:

Brand: Bathine
Centella Asiatica extract
Skin Suitable: Catering to a spectrum of skin types
Usage Mode:

Manual Usage



Elegant advantages of our luxurious watermelon face moisturizer:

The Brightening Serum from Bathine is crafted with the highest quality ingredients and adheres to rigorous standards, ensuring a product that is both safe and effective. Trust in Bathine’s expertise and commitment to skincare excellence to deliver results that you can see and feel.

Elevate your skincare routine with this essential product from Jaysuing, designed to promote a luminous, healthy complexion every day. Pamper your skin with the care it deserves and experience the transformative effects of the Brightening Serum from Bathine. Your journey to radiant, hydrated, and beautifully glowing skin starts here.

How to use: 

To use the Brightening Serum from Bathine, begin by thoroughly cleansing your face with your preferred cleanser to remove any dirt, oil, or makeup. Once your skin is clean, apply a toner to balance your skin's pH levels and prepare it for better absorption of the serum. Next, dispense a few drops of the Brightening Serum onto your fingertips. Gently spread the serum across your face and neck, ensuring an even application. Allow the serum to absorb fully into your skin before applying any additional skincare products or makeup. For best results, use the serum twice daily, in the morning and evening, as part of your regular skincare routine.

Comments for discerning clients:

This serum not only hydrates but also brightens and evens out skin tone, making it a versatile addition to your skincare routine. Regular use can help diminish dark spots, reduce redness, and enhance your skin’s natural radiance. Crafted with the utmost care and using premium ingredients, the Brightening Serum from Bathine is designed to deliver visible and lasting results.

We invite you to experience the transformative effects of this exceptional product, tailored to meet the sophisticated needs of our valued clients. Elevate your skincare regimen with Bathine, where quality and efficacy are paramount.

Included in the package:

A bottle of 100ml Brightening Serum, Our packaging is thoughtfully crafted with environmentally friendly materials, minimizing ecological impact and contributing to sustainable practices.