Nordic David Vase Multi-functional Decor Piece for Hydroponic Plants, Flower Arrangements, Makeup Brushes

$16.99 $26.99
Introducing our versatile 16.5cm resin vase, designed to elevate your home decor with its unique functionality and charming design. With a depth of 15cm and a bottle diameter of 6cm, this vase offers ample space for creative arrangements.

Crafted from high-quality resin, this vase is not only durable but also easy to maintain. You can wash it with water without worrying about shedding powder. Please note that in the initial stage, a minimal amount of polished powder residue may be present, which is normal and easily removable with cleaning.

While this vase isn't recommended for direct hydroponic use due to potential water leakage, it serves wonderfully as a vessel for dried flowers or as a stylish pen holder or makeup artist storage bucket. If you wish to use it for hydroponics, we recommend using waterproof utensils or bags to prevent leakage.

Please keep in mind that product size measurements are manual and may have slight variations. We appreciate your understanding in this regard. Upgrade your decor with our versatile and charming resin vase>