Sisters 925 Sterling Silver Tree Of Life Necklace

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We know how unique and special the love that exists between two sisters is, but we also know how difficult it is to overcome all the problems that life puts before us, so we have created a necklace that represents two sisters, who are of blood or by choice, by inserting the figure of the tree of life that symbolizes positive energy and the feeling of strength, growth and rebirth, Perfect for a gift, whether it's to a mom, sister, daughter, your best friend or any other person you love, give this ring as a gift and remind her of your love for her.

Durable and high quality materials, The tree of life necklace necklace is created in Italy, made entirely by hand with extremely qualitative and durable materials, it symbolizes both birth and rebirth. It is also easily washable in water, it does not corrode and does not discolour over time, it is a ring that lasts over the years and when worn it will remind you that you are ready to overcome any obstacle and enjoy life. Pendant size 0.92 inch & 0.81 inch and the purple circle crystal size: 20 & 20mm with 18 & 2 inch rolo chains.

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