T Ring

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The T Ring in Yellow Gold is a striking piece from Braceley & Co, measuring 2.5 mm in width. Its beveled edge design delivers a bold and powerful statement, embodying the reinvention of a Braceley & Co icon. The Tiffany T1 designs are a testament to individual strength and perpetual power, worn outwardly to express the inner self. This ring, crafted from 18k yellow gold, can be worn alone for a minimalist look or paired with other Braceley & Co rings for a more dynamic statement.

make your hand look stylish:

Add a touch of sophistication and glamour to your jewelry collection with the T Ring from Braceley & Co., and let your accessories speak of your impeccable taste and timeless style.

Specifications & Details:

Braceley & Co
Type: Ring Statement
Material: 18K Yellow Gold
Corps: Beautiful flawless work of art and kind unique
Full round exterior and round interior
Handmade: An artwork made with love

Instructions for Opening and Closing Your T Ring:

To open your T ring, begin by locating the small indent that marks the notch. With one hand on each side of this notch, gently pull outward. Slip the ring onto your finger with the notch positioned underneath, using your finger to provide tension. Carefully pull outward from the notch. To close, simply swivel the two ends together and release, allowing the ring to click securely into place.


Measure one's finger, delicately encircle it with a thread, marking where it meets. Then, with gentle precision, measure the thread against a ruler. This whispered dimension unveils the perfect fit for adornments, weaving elegance into the very fabric of your style.

Care Tips:

We don’t want your special moment to fade. To maintain the quality of your new jewelry, Make sure that do not use chemical jewelry cleaners and gently polish with a soft, lint-free cloth. Please do not use a metal polishing cloth. And the second is storing your beloved jewelry in a cool dry place will make it look always beautiful.


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