TrailMix by Granola Arcade leverless fightstick game controller for PC, Steam Deck, PS3/4, Switch (GP2040 firmware, Kailh Choc switches)

$95.99 $155.99
The TrailMix by Granola Arcade is a leverless/stickless arcade controller for competitive gaming. TrailMix was designed to be the lowest cost professional grade arcade stick available.


  • Supports PC, PS3, Nintendo Switch, Steam Deck, MiSTer and Android out of the box
  • Supports PS4 with additional license file required by Sony (not included, see documentation)
  • Compatible with Brook converters for PS5/Xbox/etc. supportKailh Choc V1 switches rated for 50 million button presses will last for thousands of hours of gaming
  • GP2040-CE firmware offers accurate inputs with extremely low latency (<1ms)
  • One piece durable 3D printed PLA case securely snaps onto the PCB with no additional required hardware
  • Configurable SOCD modes for tournament play (set to up+down=neutral by default)
  • Connects with a USB-C cable (we'll include one for an extra $5)

TrailMix performs as well or better than premium leverless arcade sticks, but at a fraction of their cost. Win your local without breaking the bank!


  • Why is this less expensive than other sticks?
TrailMix has a minimal feature set; if a feature adds costs but doesn't improve your gameplay, it is not included. Features like LEDs, swappable switches, Wi-Fi capability, customized artwork and colors are definitely awesome, but they also add costs, and so TrailMix leaves them out of the design.

  • What are the size dimensions?
The TrailMix is 215mm x 105mm x 16mm (8.5” x 4.15” x 0.6”) and weighs just 5oz. The case design makes it one of the smallest and thinnest fightsticks available, but it still sits comfortably on your lap or desk.

  • What colors do you offer?
Right now, the TrailMix comes in one color we are calling "Granola Green" - In the future we plan to offer more colors and designs.

  • Which button switches do you offer?
The default choice for most people is the Choc Red Pro S. It has a lighter actuation force than most mechanical switches, which allows for very fast inputs.

If you feel more opinionated about what kind of switches you like, we offer these choices:

  1. Kailh Choc Red Pro S: Linear switch, 35g actuation force. This is the recommended switch for most people.
  2. Kailh Choc Red: Linear switch, 50g actuation force. The buttons will be firmer than the Red Pro S switches.
  3. Kailh Choc Pink: Linear switch, 20g actuation force. The buttons will be very light.
  4. Kailh Choc White: Clicky switch, 50g actuation force. Clicky switches produce an audible sound and a tactile response when pressed. They are not as popular for gaming as linear switches, but some people prefer them.
  • What does GP2040-CE mean?
GP2040 Community Edition is open source gamepad firmware maintained by OpenStick - It works for multiple consoles with extremely low latency, and receives regular updates by the community. You are welcome to tinker with the firmware on the TrailMix, it uses the same pin layout as the popular Raspberry Pi Pico so it is likely to be compatible with future firmware updates. We ship with the latest version.